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Announcing libstdc++-2.90.3

December 31, 1998

We are pleased to announce the fourth snapshot of the rewritten
Egcs Standard C++ Library v3.  This is mainly a developer snapshot.


This is the fourth snapshot of the libstdc++ rewrite.  It is still
incomplet and incorrekt.

This snapshot is exciting because it is the first release to be
simultaneously available via cvs. Various licensing issues were worked
out, resulting in this release being covered by the GPL. See the file
COPYING for more details.

It requires a recent snapshot version of Egcs.  (E.g. Egcs-1.1 may
be insufficient.)

New things that work:

 -  stringbuf/stringstreams: New implementation of buffers makes this a
much more usable release.


The web page:

You can join the mailing list by sending "subscribe" to

Obtain the library snapshot (including these release notes) from

Anyone can get read-only access to the CVS repository by checking it out

like this:

 cvs -d login
   (enter ``anoncvs'' for the password)
 cvs -d co

You only need to specify the repository root the first time; after that
cvs will go to the correct place automatically.

You can browse the CVS repository over the web at

The library is maintained by Benjamin Kosnik, Nathan Myers and
Ulrich Drepper.  Correspondence will be handled on the mailing
list.  We plan to have a separate announcement list soon and, once
we get the license terms wrestled down, a public CVS archive.