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Re: basic_stringbuf functional

Hi Christof--
Nice to see this contribution. I've got a couple of questions for you.

I'm abstracting out _Streambuf_base, so that libio can be used with
other, possibly different, implementations from vendors that wish to
specialize for their OS. So the streambuf_base stuff is pending this
stuff settling down. . .

I'm in favor of just adding

typedef basic_string<_CharT, _Traits, _Alloc> string_type

as a typedef type for basic_stringbuf. I think it'll make a lot of
things less cumbersome. Similarly, what is currently _index_type could
probably just be _Alloc::size_type or typedefed as size_type from
this. (Although I'm not certain why you want to rip out all the
buffering code: could you please explain your motivations for doing

    // Constructors:
    explicit basic_stringbuf (ios_base::openmode __which = (ios_base::in
							  | ios_base::out))
      : basic_streambuf<_CharT,_Traits> (), _M_mode (__which),
        _M_writeindex(0), _M_readindex(0) { }
might as well init the string member (_M_str) as well
so that all the conditions of str() work

(I believe the next ctor has a typo, 

      {  str (__str); } 

should be:

      {  _M_str (__str); } 

In your implementation of seekoff you should just be able to use
ios_base::in and ios_base::out instead of the longer basic_ios<_CharT,
_traits>::in. Also, SUPPRESS_WARN is probably not the way to go on the
switch statements: ios_base::beg should be sufficient.

A quick request: can you please use diff -cp? Thanks. Also,
contributed testsuites that you are using to test the implementation
should go into testsuites/27. .

Unfortunately, at this time the copyright on libstdc++ is still in a
pretty fluid state: as shipped it is this strange beast called the
Cygnus license.When this becomes finalized, Cygnus has dedicated the
resources for an net-accessible cvs server (much like egcs), which
will make staying current and diffs against the current sources much

Because of the licensing ambiguity, copyright assignments are being
handled by Cygnus: I'll send you the requisite forms a bit later in the