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Re: Static data members in template declarations

> But this is my point; you are asking that the compiler figure this out
> while parsing the definition of the array.

I could not actually locate a statement in the FDIS that would clarify
this. Closest I found is in [basic.def.odr]/5.

Consider we have two translation units, one contains the declaration

int S<T>::k[S<T>::a];

and the other contains

int S<T>::k[a];

Such a program would be ill-formed, since the definitions do not
consist of the same sequence of tokens. It seems that Mark has a
similar requirement in mind.

OTOH, the requirement for redeclaration/definition of functions is
much weaker. [dcl.fct]/3 says

>> All declarations for a function with a given parameter list shall
>> agree exactly both in the type of the value returned and in the
>> number and type of parameters;

I'm not sure under which conditions template functions agree in the
type of parameters.