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Re: v3 feedback and questions

Being just an observer of the libstdc++ v3 development, I'll try to
answer your questions, anyway...

> 1) Is anyone working on removing the libio.h dependencies? I was able to get
> it to compile by ferreting those things out, since I didn't have a libio.h
> handy.

I don't think so. iostreams was always implemented on top of libio,
and this is the basis for meeting some compliance: cin/cout/cerr/clog
are required to be synchronized with the C files stdin/stdout/stderr.
In particular, this means that they need to share common buffering.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work on a platform where we don't
implement the C library...

> 2) Do the values used from libio.h have to sync with anything else in the
> library? i.e. I made up values for certain flags.

It has to stay in sync with libio, but that's it.

> 3) Is this list the place to suggest changes/send patches? Or is
> there someone I can email to?

Sending it to the list has worked in the past, I believe. If the
traffic on the list increases, this might change.

> 4) What about really minor things (for the perfectionist in us
> all...)? There were some other configure-related minor issues, like
> nan() taking no arguments on cygwin32, etc.

There is always the risk that the code that was fine-tuned is thrown
out alltogether. If you accept that, I see no reason not to try to fix
it. My only contributions to libstdc++ where of that minor kind, and
they got all integrated.

Hope this helps,