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Re: build and installation

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Timothy Ritchey wrote:
> Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
>> Would you be willing to mock up a preliminary web
>> page for the libstdc++v3 project? That would be very helpful.
> Yeah, that would be nice to do (and just about my level :P) I will work
> something up and send a pointer to the list.

BTW, if you change the URL, please also let us ( know,
as we have linked the current libstdc++ page.

Gerald (Neo EGCS Web Maintainer)

> p.s. I would also like any ideas from anyone on the list about what
> should go onto such a page.

Actually the current page at is
quite nice, IMHO.

What might prove useful is detailed information on what? works how? good?
with which? version of EGCS. E.g., on the current page there is no mention
of EGCS 1.1, just a reference to ``snapshot versions of Egcs''.
Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)      Vienna University of Technology