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Re: build and installation

> I don't really have enough knowledge of low level compiler construction
> to help out with the main egcs work, but the library is one area I could
> certainly help on, if only to help keep a web page up to date. Is the
> library in the cygnus CVS repository? could it be if it isn't? 

Hi Timothy.

One of the goals for the next release was to have a complete
install--headers, libraries that could be linked against, etc. I'm glad
that you brought this up, because it reinforces the decision to have the
next release easier for the library-user to play with. 

I would certainly not turn away your offer to help with a web page. We've
been given space on page, along with the same cvs
server that egcs uses. Would you be willing to mock up a preliminary web
page for the libstdc++v3 project? That would be very helpful.