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Re: build and installation

The library is very much in beta stage, and is still undergoing development.
The hopes for the snapshot aimed to come out this week is for it to be
something that folks can just install and try out, to some degree.  (We'd/I'd
hoped more people would be interested in trying to hack on the parts that're
there, and fill in the ones that aren't, but no such luck thus far.)

The snapshot you're trying out isn't meant to be installable or quickly used
(and shouldn't yet be used anywhere that you rely upon its


Timothy Ritchey writes:
> I recently downloaded the 2.90.1 snapshot of the v3 stdc++ library, and
> attempted to install it using the latest (19981019) egcs snapshot. I
> fixed a few build problems with string/locfacet, and got it built, and I
> thought installed, however, none of the headers seem to have moved into
> their respective locations, and I am at a complete loss for how to
> figure out what goes where. Is there any documentation on
> building/installing the library that I have not found? A need for a
> reasonably complete valarray implementation is what made me look at the
> library, but no luck yet.
> Cheers,
> tim

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