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Re: GCC JIT vs others JIT ....

On Wed, 2013-10-23 at 00:24 -0400, David Malcolm wrote:
> Out of interest, are you thinking of using this for MELT?  i.e.
> embedding libgccjit inside a gcc plugin?  If so, I wonder if there could
> be nasty interactions between the two copies of the GCC code?  

(for other readers, MELT refers to http://gcc-melt.org/ a high level
domain specific language to extend GCC; MELT is a GCC plugin -
generating C++ code fit into GCC)

Yes and no.

Indeed, I am thinking of LIBJIT or GCC JIT in something remotely related
to MELT, but that won't be in the MELT plugin.

I am dreaming of a MELT monitor, which would be an *external* process to
MELT and will :

    give a web interface to MELT, displaying code using Code Mirror

    communicate asynchronously with compilations using the MELT plugin

    store some persistent information

That MELT monitor could use JIT techniques (but it is a separate process
from cc1 or cc1plus -fplugin=melt ....). But there won't be nasty
interactions between the monitor and the cc1 because they are separate
processes - with some bi-directional pipes to communicate...

all this is just a dream today.
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