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Re: GCJ Mauve testing

2008/10/6 Andrew Haley <>:
> Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> FAIL: java.lang.InheritableThreadLocal.simple
>>   Test timed out.  Use -timeout [millis] option to change the timeout value.
> This is strange, given that gcj has its own InheritableThreadLocal that
> hasn't changed.  I'll look.
> Andrew.

I did another Mauve run against the merge branch and gained some passes,
but also some new failures:

+PASS: java.awt.event.MouseEvent.modifiersEx
+PASS: java.awt.event.MouseEvent.modifiers
+PASS: javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalScrollBarUI.constructor
+PASS: javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalScrollBarUI.installDefaults
+FAIL: java.util.logging.Logger.hierarchyChecks
+FAIL: java.util.logging.Logger.securityChecks
+FAIL: java.util.logging.SocketHandler.getFormatter
+FAIL: java.util.Scanner.DoubleFloat
+FAIL: java.util.Scanner.FishString
+FAIL: java.util.Scanner.Radix
+FAIL: javax.sound.sampled.AudioProperties
+FAIL: javax.swing.JTable.TableRobot

Odd to say the least.
Andrew :-)

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