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Re: Natively compiled SWT segfaults under Windows

Ranjit Mathew a écrit :
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Olivier Parisy wrote:
I was also able to compile and link basic SWT code, but it dies silently at run time.

Executing it under GDB, I got:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
fallback_backtrace(_Unwind_Reason_Code (*)(_Unwind_Context*, void*), _Jv_UnwindState*) (

The current stack-unwinding code for GCJ/Win32 assumes that
all code is compiled to use frame pointers to link together
call frames on the stack. I suspect that the SWT code has
not been compiled thus (i.e. using -fno-omit-frame-pointer).
Should I only compile java code (and the SWT jar) with this flag, or should the dll be rebuilt with those frame pointers, too?
Instead of unceremoniously SIGSEGV-ing, perhaps we can
find the base of the current thread's stack and limit
the values we examine to that address and the current
Considering that the current behavior is for the application to die silently excepted when run in a debugger, that would definitely be an improvement.

Best regards,
Olivier Parisy.

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