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Summer of Code


The GNU project and the GCC project will participate in the Summer of
Code that Google is organizing. See

Since I know we have a couple of students already working on GNU
Classpath, gcj and friends it seems the most effective way for Summer of
Code projects to get a good result is if we ask everybody that is a
student to check whether they qualify under the program
and then write up a proposal that would help the project and would take
them about 2 months of work (there is a little bit more time, but
remember that we will want full documentation, tests and hopefully
integrate the result with the rest of the code).

If you aren't a student, but would like to mentor a student please go
through the current task lists and ideas for improvements:
(Warning! Some of these are a bit out of date!)
and select tasks that a student could do if they had 2 months to work on
it full time. Assume they are smart, but might not have a lot experience
and might need to learn some of the project customs, so even if you can
integrate LLVM in a weekend that doesn't mean a student could, or that
the result will be maintainable when finished :)

Lets start collecting ideas at:
(We might move them later to the general GNU or GCC ideas pages.)



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