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Symbol Lookup w/Avtrex gcdump Tool

Hello Everyone:

I am using David Daney's fabulous "Gcdump" tool once more, to try to track down some memory management problems in our application.

However, I'm flummoxed by a problem that I have not ever been able to solve. The "dump" part of the tool appears to be working correctly. But the "analysis" portion seems to be able to find names for libgcj symbols, but NO APPLICATION SYMBOL NAMES.

What do I need to do to get the Avtrex MemoryAnalyze to print out symbol names for my application symbols? I've compiled my entire statically-linked application with "-g", but this seems to have no effect. I am dynamically linking libgcj, however. Is this where the difference lies? Are my application symbols "invisible" to MemoryAnalyze because it cannot find the statically-linked symbols in my application?

Please advise - I'd dearly love to get MemoryAnalyze to report application symbol names in dumps. It would really help us a lot.

Thanks in advance, and thanks again for the great tool, David!

craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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