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Re: latest/greatest

I'll be compiling gcc/gcj/libgcj on Linux, OSX (Tiger), and Win2K shortly. I'm starting to read through the configure options doc now.

Could someone cut and paste their favorite
   ./configure --blat --blat=blat
script to crank up building gcc/gcj in this email list?

Also, I have started to rsync against current SVN tree. But LATEST-4.1, LATEST-4.2 below implies that perhaps I
should ignore the SVN tree and instead focus on the
snapshot that is heading towards stable release.



Hi Heitzso,

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 13:26 -0500, Heitzso wrote:

I'm just wanting to double check that there's not
some "daily snapshot" link, or another repository,
or a specific tag I need to spec as you would use -T
in CVS. should always have the latest snapshot (there is also LATEST-4.2, LATEST-4.0 and LATEST-3.4)

And according to there
will be an RC1 release out tonight (if everything goes well). But I
don't know where that will be posted. It will be announced on the main
gcc list though (



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