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[gmane.comp.gcc.devel] GCC 4.1 Status Report (2006-02-14)

FYI, 4.1 is freezing.

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In the last few days, many of the key obstacles to a 4.1 release were
removed, including, but not limited to:

1) The -mlong-double-128 patches have gone in.
2) Jason fixed some RVO issues.
3) Michael fixed the zero-width bitfield vs. #pragma pack issue.

Unfortunately, there are still two PRs for regressions that I think
merit P1:

PR26258: wrong code caused by incorrect alias analyis.

PR26209: an ICE-on-valid for simple C++ code, from Boost, using a

We could argue about PR26209, but I thin PR26258 is too embarrassing to
have in a release.  Fortunately, a patch has been posted for PR26258,
and Richard G. claims to have a patch for PR26209.

It's certainly time to get GCC 4.1 out the door.  Therefore, at 12:01 AM
GMT-8 on Wednesday, February 15th, the 4.1 branch will be frozen.  All
non-documentation patches after that point will require my explicit
approval; please attach patches to PRs, and Cc: to me.  Hopefully, the
two P1s will be fixed tomorrow, and I can make a release candidate as
early as Wednesday evening.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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