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Re: Overview of interpreted debugging design

>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Seitz <> writes:

Keith> The back-end is segregated into several packages which deal with the
Keith> most important areas of functionality: 

Wow, there's a lot more than I realized.

Keith> So, unless people want more specific information on anything, I am ready
Keith> to start the review process. I would think the easiest place to start
Keith> would be the transport layer (gnu.gcj.jdwp.transport), but I am willing
Keith> to start wherever people would like.

You should set the agenda here.

I'm not overly concerned with the libgcj-independent details of the
JDWP code -- I'm sure you know a lot more about this than any of us.

I'm thinking the review can center on a few things:

- Is there code that can/should be in classpath, and if so should we
  try to do that first in order to avoid renaming everything later.

- What changes are needed to existing parts of libgcj

- General style conformance; second look for big gotchas


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