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Runtime issues with getDeclaredConstructor


I have been adapting an open source project to run with libgcj. I 
have successfully compiled it with GCJ (3.3.3 cygwin special), but I 
get problems executing the code.

I have found it difficult to make simple test cases that reproduce 
the problem, which revolves around static class loading. Can you 
point me to any background information on the Class 
getDeclaredConstructor method and Constructor newInstance method I 
should be aware of?

The problems I have seen include an Class 
IncompatibleClassChangeError instantiating a plugin type where the 
constructor signature is not implemented. (This is handled correctly 
in all the simple test cases I have written so far.)

The other case is a NegativeArraySizeException with the Constructor 
newInstance(Object[]) method. The array argument definitely has a 
positive length.

I would appreciate any pointers or advice and will strive to submit 
some test cases if all else fails.

Thanks in advance.


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