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Re: CVS MinGW (Crossed-)Native Compiler is Toast

Hi Ranjit,

First of all, thanks to you and everyone else who exhorted me to
perservere with GDB.

I think I have a faint idea of one of the things that seems to be
going wrong.

Line 10300 of parse.y has this call:

      list = lookup_method_invoke (0, identifier_wfl, type, identifier, args);

Upon entry into this function, some prologue code seems to be
executed in gcc/gcc/config/i386/cygwin.asm which trashes
the first parameter, changing it from a 0 to garbage. It's a downward
spiral from there.

Does this ring a bell to you?

I am using the pristine sources from CVS which don't have any
mingw-local patches. Is this a recipe for disaster? cygwin.asm isn't
present in the 3.3 patchset. I do, however, see -Wl,--stack=0x00800000
in the LDFLAGS. I wonder if I need this.

I'm just sort of talking out loud here.

I haven't examined in detail what's going awry in cygwin.asm because
I wanted to see if this rang a bell with you. I'll try rebuilding with
the --stack switch and going to bed.

(Hmm. Not really a gcj-related post.)

-- Mohan

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