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Re: state of umlaut and other char stuff problem

Hi Mohan,

I have been away from this mailing list for some time.
Thanks for the cc.

Mohan Embar wrote:

My instinct was to
go with Unicows in these cases, but I feel bad about neglecting
João's short-term solution.

There is nothing wrong with that since you are not interested in that short-term solution.

At the moment, I am quite happy with my short-term solution and with gcj 3.3.

I have plans to post a patch that will make libgcj send wide-chars to the OS or (if required) will make it use libiconv insted of "my" tables. I think this could also be useful for posix platforms. But I have been busy with other things and I cannot say when this patch will be ready.

For me, the unicows solution is out of the question. It cannot be distributed along side with your application, unless you state that your users cannot re-distribute your application's instalation file (please read the unicows license for aditional problems...). Anyone can read about this problem at:
And now for the funny part (and quoting):
"Download the unicows.dll file. (Note: Microsoft seems to enjoy changing the exact location of this file. You may have to search Microsoft's website.)"

If you (or anyone else) are using unicows with gcj to solve filename problems, you must have a patch to libgcj for it to send wide-chars to the OS. It would be nice if you could share it with everybody else that is only interested in NT/2000/XP platform (you DO NOT need unicows for this platform -- it supports utf-16 by default and libgcj is only performing an unuseful and destuctive task in this case) or with anyone that is confortable with the unicows solution for Win9x platform. Otherwise, I will address this problem ASAP (whatever that may be...).

That's also why I was motivated
to document the MinGW build process so that others are free
to communicate their patches in a way that others can build
gcj with them, even if I don't agree with these or have the
time to evaluate them.

It is a nice work. And it was quite useful to me, thank you.

I think it would be useful for many people if you could provide, in your website or somewhere else accessible, a tar.gz with the directory structure and the scripts for the build process. The user would only have to put the FSF and MingGW sources and "relevant" patches in the right places of the tree.

I would also suggest the reading of Ranjit's posts and website to anyone interested on building gcj for MinGW.

But I guess the idea of building gcc/gcj will still keep many potential GCJ/MinGW people away from using it...


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