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Re: 3.1 Parallel build failure on sparc

[cygnus.project.sid] branch probability hinting

Re: [head] Java bootstrap failure: syntax error before`;'

Re: [head] Java bootstrap failure: syntax, error, before `;'

active gcj chat?

RE: Alignment of stack traces

Re: Any idea?


Re: autoconf, automake and friends

Bad HTML link and javalib/gcc-2.95.3 combo question

BigInteger(byte[]) constructor bugfix.

Bug gcj with date manipulations?

bug, possibly in InputStream class


Re: Calling java code from C/C++ code.

CNI array syntax

CNI byte array

compiling problems or am i asking for a flaming

Configuring Java Libraries for mips-sgi-irix6.5's -mabi=64

CVS trunk broken?

Detecting the wrong archive.

Fw: Don't build libgcj on irix6.5 - still doesn't work

Re: Eliminating Assembler Already Defined Messages for Java Library

Re: Eliminating Assembler Already Defined Messages for JavaLibrary

Field resolution -vs- JNI

GCC 3.0 timeline and GCJ stability.

GCC installation problem

gcc-3_0-branch make check, strange behavior



gcj -C broken?

gcj applications

gcj bug with locale (was: gcj with date manip. ...)

gcj flags

gcj t-shirt

gcj with date manip. and french locale (intel AND linuxppc)

GCJ/C++ name mangling incompatibility

GCJ/C++ name mangling incompatibility w/ "$"

Hash synchronization patch, version 3

If you don't have a previous incarnation of GCJ installed...

Irix build

Java GC descriptor vs. tree_int_cst on 64-bit platforms

java on cygwin?

java vs ia64 abi exceptions

Java: backtrace alignment fault

Java: build_static_field_ref

Java: Check null pointers

jc1 woes

JNI and class references

a JNI backtrace

JNI field validation?

JNI patches


JNI: marking and unmarking global and local references

JVM01 Pre-Registration Discount Extended


Latest on PPC


Re: libgcj/1736

libjava bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

libsupc++ changes broke libjava build??

locks on X86

Multiplatform object model

Multiple file compilation patch

Never mind (was RE: CVS trunk broken?)

New failures

package delimiters in symbol names in JNI

Page faults and startup time

patch for gc of interned String

patch for libjava build failure

patch for PR java/1208, plus other try-finally cleanups

Re: Patch to add support for gij for ppc linux

PowerPC build broken (Was: Bug gcj with date manipulations?)

PPC Status

PR 1159/1412

PR 1208


Problem with static linking

Problems rebuilding libffi/

remove_unnecessary_notes breaks libjava build

Re: RFC: Lose use of $ and . in [cd]tor labels

Snapshot from 3.0 branch available

Solaris -vs- iconv

Solaris redux

static vs. dynamic gcj compilation (was: gcj with date manip.)

Still with the Java testsuite failures

Test suite regressions

Re: Test suite regressions (=> Jacl?)

Testsuite failure

testsuite says objects "are the same file"

Thoughts about static linking and reducing size of binaries

ZipOutputStream tests?

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