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Re: GCJ not using java.lang.Exception in libgcj.jar??

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Tom Tromey <> writes:

> >>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin A Burton <> writes:
> Kevin> If you look at the UML on the website you can see visually how
> Kevin> JavaCore installs into the JVM.  Basically it replace
> Kevin> java.lang.Exception with its own version.
> When you do this with the JVM I assume you have to edit their `rt.jar'
> or whatever it is called.  Right?

yeah... you just run jar to update the rt.jar.  It works with all classloaders
and JVMs so I haven't had a problem :).  I think the default mechanism for GCJ
installation woudl be just to patch the source (JavaCore is GPL also) and then

> Kevin> Basically this means that java.lang.Exception is not getting
> Kevin> instantiated as bytecode but instead is native... correct?
> Yes.  The entire runtime and all the default class libraries are
> compiled, not interpreted.  We install the class files because the
> compiler needs to read them in order to compile other Java programs.

yeah... after sending my e-mail out that makes more sense.  I will have to
investigate building a .so from a .jar and linking against it... hm...

> Kevin> Could this be the problem?  java.lang.Exception under GCJ is
> Kevin> native and contained in  If so this is strange... I
> Kevin> can't see any advantage to doing this and I think it might be a
> Kevin> Bad Thing.  There might be a speed advantage!?
> I doubt there is a noticeable speed advantage for Exception.  However,
> I don't see how having this class be compiled could be considered a
> `Bad Thing'.  I think what you're trying to do isn't really guaranteed
> to work.  Also, libgcj is primarily a compiled Java environment.  So
> compiling Exception is in line with our goals.

yeah... I don't know either... just bugs me a little.  This could make dynamic
class loading wierd... maybe not.  Need to think about it.

> Why do you need to reimplement Exception, anyway?  That seems weird.

... I would just say read ... this explains

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