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GCJ not using java.lang.Exception in libgcj.jar??

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I am trying to "port" JavaCore ( ) from JDK
1.1.8 to GCJ.  While everything compiles correctly the installation of JavaCore
is "tricky" and I wanted to post here to get more information.

If you look at the UML on the website you can see visually how JavaCore installs
into the JVM.  Basically it replace java.lang.Exception with its own version.  I
know for certain that the java.lang.Exception which I currently have in
libgcj.jar has been modified correctly.  The problem is that even with a
System.out.println within the constructor of Exception I don't get any output.
Basically this means that java.lang.Exception is not getting instantiated as
bytecode but instead is native... correct?  I could only find on .jar file
within my gcc install and there were no other .class files

Here is the exception 

   at 0x4019943a: java::lang::Throwable::Throwable() (/home/burton/gcc/lib/
   at 0x4018daed: java::lang::Exception::Exception() (/home/burton/gcc/lib/


Could this be the problem?  java.lang.Exception under GCJ is native and
contained in  If so this is strange... I can't see any advantage to
doing this and I think it might be a Bad Thing.  There might be a speed

If so this might be a problem.. I will really have to dig in an find out how do
do this...


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