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Re: libjava configuration problems

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Richard Earnshaw wrote:

> > Richard, I think the attached patch will do the trick.  It builds and
> > doesn't cause any regressions on my x86 linux box.  Please see if it takes
> > care of the problem on yours.
> Thanks this compiles OK now (with a few other nit-bits -- mainly standard 
> porting issues -- I'm now running the regression tests for libjava).

Good to hear.

> An idea for your final fallback (where you currently set tzoffset to 0 is 
> to use difftime to get the time difference from gmtime().  Although this 
> returns a double we shouldn't loose any precission since the maximum diff 
> should be at most 13 Hours including DST.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind but I'd like to get this checked in asap
due to the tree being slushy.  FWIW, I had wanted to avoid calculating
directly between localtime and gmtime (and accounting for possible DST),
figuring that the info must already be available another way.

I suspect that one of tm_gmtoff and timezone are (almost?) always
available since I have since noticed that similar code is in
java/util/ and they are the only possible cases
there (and that's been like that for quite a while with no problems
reported).  Thanks again!

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