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Re: Redhat GCC 2.96 won't work? java/lang/ bad value constant type 0, index 0

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Tom Tromey <> writes:

> >>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin A Burton <> writes:
> Kevin> burton@universe:/usr/home/burton/gcc
> Kevin> gcj 
> Kevin> java/lang/ bad value constant type 0, index 0
> I've only seen this when I've tried to compile a .class file that was
> built by the 1.2 JDK.
> Do you have your CLASSPATH set?  If so, unset it.

AH!!! That makes perfect sense! :).  It works now.  Time to have fun!! :)

> If not, try sending the output of `gcj -v'.
> Kevin> What is up with this?  Could it be the stupid compiler that
> Kevin> comes with RedHat 7?
> I seriously doubt it.  For one thing, I dispute your characterization
> of that compiler.  It is probably the best released gcj so far.

ah... not totally my characterization.  A lot of people flame it and one could
assume they have at least logical reasons.  This is why I doubted it :)..


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