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Don't optimize by hand (Was Re: Lack of fabsf on Solaris (patch included))

Ok, this is becoming very, very interresting.

I've tried compiling 3 variants of this code, ABS1() 
and ABS3() being legal C, ABS2() giving a warning.

All of them compile properly ang give me valid code
on my ARM platform (Green Hills compiler, optimized
for space, thumb mode). 

But the surprising thing is that ABS1 is the variant
that generates the better, optimum code!!! (only 3
instruction, 6 byte of code, no data).

Conclusion(1): trust the compiler and write clean code!
Conclusion(2): I suggest implementing ABS1 for Math.abs(float)


float ABS1(float x) {
    return x < 0.0F ? -x : x;
0x1080720  ABS1:      	    0040   LSL       R0, R0, 1
0x1080722  ABS1+0x2:  	    0840   LSR       R0, R0, 1
0x1080724  ABS1+0x4:  	    46f7   MOV       PC, LR

float ABS2(float x) {
    *((int *)&x) &= 0x7FFFFFFF;
    return x;
0x1080726  ABS2:      	    b081   SUB       SP, SP, 4
0x1080728  ABS2+0x2:  	    0040   LSL       R0, R0, 1
0x108072a  ABS2+0x4:  	    0840   LSR       R0, R0, 1
0x108072c  ABS2+0x6:  	    9000   STR       R0,[SP,0]
0x108072e  ABS2+0x8:  	    b001   ADD       SP, SP, 4
0x1080730  ABS2+0xa:  	    46f7   MOV       PC, LR

float ABS3(float x) {
    union { float f; long x; } tmp;
    tmp.f = x;
    tmp.x &= 0x7FFFFFFF;
    return tmp.f;
0x1080732  ABS3:      	    b081   SUB       SP, SP, 4
0x1080734  ABS3+0x2:  	    1c01   MOV       R1, R0
0x1080736  ABS3+0x4:  	    4668   MOV       R0, SP
0x1080738  ABS3+0x6:  	    0049   LSL       R1, R1, 1
0x108073a  ABS3+0x8:  	    0849   LSR       R1, R1, 1
0x108073c  ABS3+0xa:  	    6001   STR       R1,[R0,0]
0x108073e  ABS3+0xc:  	    1c08   MOV       R0, R1
0x1080740  ABS3+0xe:  	    b001   ADD       SP, SP, 4
0x1080742  ABS3+0x10: 	    46f7   MOV       PC, LR

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