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RE: 'Needed to allocate blacklisted block at 0x829d000' ?????

Don't bother rebuilding with -DLARGE_CONFIG.  It won't help in your case.
That advice was for someone who already had a large heap.

I would concentrate on finding out why the program is hanging.  A stack
trace from a debugger would be very helpful.  The warning message is either
a secondary effect of the same underlying problem, or it's a different, less
serious issue.  In either case, I don't think it should be your first

As far as the warning message is concerned:
Are you allocating a large single-dimensional array?  "Large" here should be
at least on the order of a 100,000 entries. 

If so, and if you are allocating just one of these that persists for the
execution of the entire program, I would ignore the warning.  If you are
repeatedly allocating and dropping these, you need to find a workaround for
now (either breaking up the array, or changing libjava to allocate it

If you are not allocating arrays this large, then I suspect this is merely a
symptom of another bug in the runtime, which could, for example, result in a
bugus size being passed to one of the allocation routines.


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Subject: Re: 'Needed to allocate blacklisted block at 0x829d000' ?????

Jeff Sturm wrote: 
How large is your heap (i.e. output of Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory())
 Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() report 196608 
Assuming that this is bytes, it's clearly too small for what I'm doing.  It
very likely that there are other problems with the program I'm working on,
but I do need to increase this. 
From earlier discussions, I gather that I should rebuild the gc with
Where does this get set? 

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