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Re: Java web pages

On 18 Jan 2001, Tom Tromey wrote:
> I'd like to move the Java web pages and mailing lists over to
> My plan for the web pages is first to copy the existing ,v files
> directly to wwwdocs/htdocs/java/.
> Then I'll set up redirects so the old URLs will continue to work.
> Finally I'll move over the mailing lists and mailing list archives.

Looks good. Certainly fine with me. (When moving the list archives,
you might want to check out the instructions I mailed to overseers
a couple of weeks ago when I moved the libstdc++ archives.)

Once that move is done, we can then consolidate the contents of the
pages, but that should be relatively easy and it's not really urgent.

> Someone (I forgot who, sorry) mentioned renaming the java-discuss
> mailing list to just "java" when moving it.

Might have been me. ;-)  Like Bryce I'd prefer that over java-discuss,
and I believe the context in should be sufficient to
clarify that it's not about Java per se.  At least this seems to work
for other projects like FreeBSD.

Gerald "Jerry"

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