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Re: More bugs with inner classes (was: Freenet compilation errors.)

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Alexandre Petit-Bianco wrote:

> Mark J. Roberts writes:
> > The source is included. My bad.
> I checked the current version of freenet/Freenet out, I replaced
> transport/ by what you gave me and I can't reproduce
> the error. I'm running a fairly up to date front-end, which somes
> patches. Is what you gave me the exact command line? Where is it
> running from (what's its wd.)
> ./A

I'm running the CVS from a few hours ago, unpatched.

From a clean tree, no .class files:

[root@rm03-24-131-185-22 transport]# gcj -C In class `Freenet.transport.tcpConnection$ConnectThread': In method `(Freenet.transport.tcpConnection,Freenet.transport.tcpAddress)': Can't find method `finit$()' in type `Freenet.transport.tcpConnection$ConnectThread'. Candidates are:
  `finit$()' in `Freenet.transport.tcpConnection$ConnectThread'
  `Freenet.Connection()' in `Freenet.Connection'.
1 error
[root@rm03-24-131-185-22 transport]#

I've had no luck making a test case.

If you try to build or contrib/fproxy/
you will hit the different-packages bug. I have workarounds you'd like.

Mark Roberts

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