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Re: Bugs in gcc bugdatabase and this (java-prs) mailinglist

Mark Wielaard wrote:

> It seems that bugs that go into the gcc gnats database with category
> java or libgcj go to this (java-prs) mailinglist but replies to those bugs
> go only to the gcc-prs mailinglist.

This annoys me to. Tom told me he was going to look into it.

> Maybe the categories are a bit misleading.
> There is a category java which seems to be only for gcj compiler bugs.
> And there is a category libgcj but the directory in the gcc source tree
> is called libjava. Maybe they could be named "gcj compiler" and "libjava"?
> Since now some bugs are filed against "java" which should be filed against
> "libgcj".

Agreed. I don't know if it would be easy to change, though. Maybe it would be
easier to add a small note to the bug submission page.

> There is a bug #1685 that is in category c++ but which is really a libgcj
> bug report. How do I change the category?

You need to log in, edit the PR, and use the "category" drop down box. Worked
for me.


  [ bryce ]

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