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Re: problems compiling with libgcj

>>>>> "delmar" == delmar watkins <> writes:

delmar> I can hit the web server ONCE and then the second time
delmar> I get:
delmar> Bad file descriptor
delmar>       Usage: java HttpMirror <port>

It is probably some bug in our class libraries.  Unfortunately right
now my build is broken so I can't try your program against the latest

delmar> Also, do I still have to have the libgcj on any box that I run
delmar> a compiled program?  I noticed that libgcj is 1.5+
delmar> megs... which is too big for the embedded device (and what
delmar> kind of embedded device can handle 1.5 megs??).  Someone,
delmar> please educate me on this.

You do need libgcj.  However, libgcj includes tons of stuff that you
won't use.  One easy way to make your executable smaller is to link it
statically.  This will omit some things you don't need.  This only
works with a recent libgcj, though -- the one you have is too old.

We'd like to put more work into making it possible to get a very small
libgcj customizable on a per-application basis.  However, we haven't
had the time to do it.  If you're interested in working on it we could
probably make a list of approaches to pursue.


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