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Re: Unicode mangling (was Re: [PATCH] Java: New C++ ABI compatibility changes.)

Alexandre Petit-Bianco <> writes:

> > What was [final U] used for?
> I honestly don't know. Maybe Per remembers.

To indicate that a method name uses Unicode escapes.  A mangled
class name is a number followed by the name.  So we can add a
'U' before the number without causing ambiguity.  But we can't do
that for a method name, since the mangling of a method name just
goes right into it.  Hence the 'U' is tacked to the end.

Here is the description from  This description should be
updated for the new ABI,  It could of course do so by referring to
some other document.

Mangling of simple names

   A simple class, package, template, or namespace name is encoded as
the number of characters in the name, followed by the actual
characters.  Thus the class `Foo' is encoded as `3Foo'.

   If any of the characters in the name are not alphanumeric (i.e not
one of the standard ASCII letters, digits, or '_'), or the initial
character is a digit, then the name is mangled as a sequence of encoded
Unicode letters.  A Unicode encoding starts with a `U' to indicate that
Unicode escapes are used, followed by the number of bytes used by the
Unicode encoding, followed by the bytes representing the encoding.
ASSCI letters and non-initial digits are encoded without change.
However, all other characters (including underscore and initial digits)
are translated into a sequence starting with an underscore, followed by
the big-endian 4-hex-digit lower-case encoding of the character.

   If a method name contains Unicode-escaped characters, the entire
mangled method name is followed by a `U'.

   For example, the method `X\u0319::M\u002B(int)' is encoded as
	--Per Bothner

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