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Re: [cygnus.egcs] GCC 3.0 Branch and Call For Volunteers

Tom Tromey wrote:

> I read this today on the gcc list.
> Here's what I think we should do for Java:
> * Commit the new ABI patch as soon as it can build the runtime and
>   make a working `hello world'.  I think it is very important that
>   this go in before the branch is made.  Lingering bugs like the
>   `int.class' problem can be handled as critical bugs during the
>   actual release process.

This is ready, the prim.class problem is fixed, and everything seems to
work. I guess Alex just isn't around to check it in at the moment.

> * Delay the RMI and Win32 libffi changes until the 3.0 branch is
>   made.  Then check them in on the trunk for 3.1 (assuming 3.1 will be
>   given a new branch).
> * Only check in high-priority or low-risk bug fixes.
> Comments?  Disagreements?  Suggestions?

I don't think we need to be too strict about Java changes leading up to
the release, at least for the runtime side. Certainly, big low level
things like major classloader changes or the hash sync stuff could
probibly wait till post-3.0, but in general I think most all fixes and
updates for libgcj should go onto both the branch and the trunk until
maybe a few days before the release. Otherwise we'll just end up with a
release that is months behind the current cvs, which sucks.


  [ bryce ]

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