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Re: Args list too long

No problem doing that on Win32.

If I remmember correctly from my old days ow Win32 programming, 
global functions in obj file don't even need to know if they are 
going to be exported out of the DLL or not. It's done later 
(through a .DEF usually) when you link the objects into the dll.


Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Sturm <> writes:
> Jeff> Except for the native methods, symbols with package-private
> Jeff> scope could be non-public in the object file.  This would
> Jeff> benefit platforms (e.g. win32) which incur an extra cost for
> Jeff> exported symbols.
> There are cases in libgcj where a package-private method is actually
> used by a native method in a different package.  This is lame, but it
> seemed like the most expedient way to solve the problem at the time.
> Can we distinguish between these sorts of objects and the dll?  That
> is, make the package-private symbols non-public in the dll even though
> they are visible outside the object at link time?  It seems like this
> must be possible.
> Tom

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