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Re: Args list too long

Jeff Sturm <> writes:

> This sounds a lot like what Per Bothner is saying.  It makes sense to
> me... though I don't really buy the compilation time argument in the case
> when making only 1 or 2 sources in a large package.  It seems like an
> all-or-nothing package build.  


> Unfortunately some of my packages are quite
> ridiculously large, consisting of hundreds of java sources.

The compilation time may be increased when doing an incremental
re-compile, after only one or two classes have changed.  If more
than one or two have changed, the package-level re-compile may
still win.  And if there are lots of cross-references between classes,
then re-compiling one class would still involve analizing may classes.

In any case:  The big win comes when doing a full re-compile.
That is what most people (i.e. people using the code, as opposed
to developing it) care about, and it is reasonable to optimize
for that case.  In any case, nothing woudl *force* you to do
package-level compilation - it would be an option, though presumably
libjava would use it.
	--Per Bothner

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