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Re: Args list too long

Jeff Sturm wrote:

> > Offhand I don't know a great solution.  One fix might be to have
> > libjava/Makefile create a bunch of smaller shared libraries which are
> > then linked together to form
> You don't want to do that with shared libraries.  Instead you might collapse
> groups of objects into a single object, maybe at the package level.  Then the
> final link command will combine perhaps dozens of objects instead of hundreds.
> (Similar to how the Linux kernel builds.)
> This strategy would benefit libjava maintainers as well.  On one of my hosts I
> have to wait several minutes just for the final link to complete, even if only a
> single object has changed.  That's not much fun while doing rapid
> edit/build/debug cycles.

One of my ideas for "future gcj" is that it should be able to treat an entire
package as a single compilation unit and generate a single object file from it.
This would also have the benefit of making certain optimizations easier, like
inlining of package-private methods. Maybe this would need a lot of memory in same
cases though.


  [ bryce ]

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