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Re: Args list too long

Tom Tromey wrote:
> Bradley> I have been unable to build the 20001225 snapshot on Irix
> Bradley> because of the "args list too long" error when linking the
> Bradley> library. I believe this problem has been
> Bradley> encountered in the past. Does anyone know the solution to
> Bradley> this problem?
> Offhand I don't know a great solution.  One fix might be to have
> libjava/Makefile create a bunch of smaller shared libraries which are
> then linked together to form

You don't want to do that with shared libraries.  Instead you might collapse
groups of objects into a single object, maybe at the package level.  Then the
final link command will combine perhaps dozens of objects instead of hundreds. 
(Similar to how the Linux kernel builds.)

Someone told me libtool can do the equivalent of "ld -r", so hopefully it can be
made portable.

This strategy would benefit libjava maintainers as well.  On one of my hosts I
have to wait several minutes just for the final link to complete, even if only a
single object has changed.  That's not much fun while doing rapid
edit/build/debug cycles.

Jeff Sturm

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