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Re: Freenet compilation errors.

>>>>> "Oskar" == Oskar Liljeblad <> writes:

Oskar> This might've been brought up before, but shouldn't this be the
Oskar> default?  At least it seems to be for Sun javac.

When I implemented this I chose to make the default come from the
user's locale.  Maybe there is a way to override this when the user
has the default (C) locale.  I'm not sure.

On Linux boxes the C locale uses ASCII and iconv() will return errors
for characters > 127.

In other words, we really just depend on the system to tell us what to

Oskar> Or is there any environment variable I can set to make this the
Oskar> default?  (Wouldn't GCJ be able to import my LC_CTYPE=en_GB,
Oskar> which allows ls to print 8859_1 characters?)

Yes, this ought to work right now.

For instance on my box I can use "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 gcj ..." to tell
gcj that I want the UTF-8 encoding by default.  (LC_CTYPE works as
well.)  Someday I really should investigate running UTF-8 all the
time.  I hear it is possible, or nearly so, these days.


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