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Re: Freenet compilation errors.

"Mark J. Roberts" wrote:

> Freenet/ In class `Freenet.Conduit':
> Freenet/ In method `run()':
> Freenet/ bad value constant type 0, index 0
> Please submit a full bug report.

I've get this quite often too. IIRC, its related to the bytecode parser. Are
you building from pure source code, or is gcj seeing class files as well? If
so, what did you build those class files with? There might be a PR about this

> .././ In class `Freenet.Core':
> .././ In method `init(Freenet.Params)':
> .././ Internal error: Segmentation fault.
> Please submit a full bug report.

Compiler bug. Its very useful if you can isolate a small test case for
problems like this. Figuring out the test case often gets us most of the way
towards solving the problem.

> ../node/ In class `Freenet.node.FileData$FDataInputStream':
> ../node/ In method `Freenet.node.FileData$FDataInputStream(Freenet.node.FileData)':
> ../node/ Can't reference `this' before the superclass constructor has been called.
>             super(new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(;
>                                                                  ^
> ../node/ In class `Freenet.node.FileDataProperties':
> ../node/ In method `store(Freenet.FieldSet)':
> ../node/ Can't find constructor `Freenet.node.DataProperties$WrongOrderException()' in type `Freenet.node.DataProperties$WrongOrderException'.
>             throw new DataProperties.WrongOrderException();

Ditto. Bugs relating to inner classes.


  [ bryce ]

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