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Re: Freenet compilation errors.

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark J Roberts <> writes:

Mark> However, when I attempted to build Fred (the Freenet Project
Mark> Reference Implementation) I encountered a few repetitive
Mark> errors. I've attached the build log for your perusal.

It's easier for us if you submit separate bug reports for each sort of

In this case I don't know what causes the "bad constant type" errors.
I also can't explain the errors in or  Maybe those are gcj bugs.

This error is caused because we don't implement GridBagLayout:

    ../node/gui/ In class `Freenet.node.gui.SettingsPanel':
    ../node/gui/ In method `addComponents()':
    ../node/gui/ Class `GridBagLayout' not found in type declaration.
	    contentPane.setLayout(new GridBagLayout());
    1 error

Our AWT implementation is still quite incomplete.  If your application
requires AWT then it won't yet work with gcj.  The TextArea error in
your build log also comes from this.

Here's another one I can explain:

    ../contrib/fproxy/mumail/mime/ unrecognized character in input stream.
	* Copyright (C) 1998 Mark Tümpfel and Uli Luckas

Your source files are probably encoded using Latin-1.  If that's the
case you have to explicitly tell gcj when compiling:

    gcj --encoding=8859_1 ...

On a Linux box you can use "iconv --list" to see the names of all the
supported encodings.

If you're on Linux chances are that you're seeing this because you're
using the C locale, which uses ASCII and not Latin-1.


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