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Newbie needs a little direction on SUN compile


I tried to build gcc (and eventually use gcj) and remain as ignorant as 
possible in the process.  So, I grabbed the latest snapshot of gcc (20010101)
and tried to follow the build instructions.  I busted out the source and
ran configure (I checked to see if noconfigdirs was being set, and I
didn't think so - I'm on a SUN sparc running Solaris 2.7).  After its initial
I pointed it at an appropriate compiler - /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc.  Then, ran the 
make bootstrap command which failed.  I noticed that it really wanted bison.  
So, I downloaded and built bison and the bootstrap succeeded.  Now, I start the 
make and I'm seeing many warnings from the compiler, but more importantly
I have several build failures.  The first was in gcc/gcc/reload.c.  The
compile found a definition for REGISTER_MOVE_COST in a header and that macro
has three parameters instead of two.  Now, I'm worried.  So, just for fun, 
I over-rode the definition locally (essentially removing the ifndef around 
the macro definition in the c file) and continued the build.  I hit the same
problem in reload1.c.  Again, working around for the time being, I continued the
make and ran into a problem in gcc/gcc/cp/decl.c.  This time, it didn't like
a macro that was being used for the left hand side of an assignment.  Worked
that and continued and hit another problem.  I've decided I clearly don't know
up and I'm working way too hard on this.  So, any ideas?  Did my configure
work (it detected sparc-sun-solaris2.7)?  Was there a noconfigdirs definition
I should have removed or altered? Should I have tweaked something after
configure time?  I pretty much used the stock configure command in the
(I changed the prefix).  Should I point it at another compiler (and other tools)
or add some switches to the compilation?  Was this an inappropriate choice of
a snapshot to use?  I've got to believe that lots of people have successfully
this on Solaris (although they may already have an older gcc that they use to 
build the new one?).  Any help would be appreciated.

Barry Ostroff
Lucent Technologies

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