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Re: Segment Register thread descriptor (was Re: Jv_AllocBytesChecked)

>> How long will it be until these are the most common systems?  If it
>> is going to happen soon anyway, then I'm not too conerned.

Bryce> I don't think you understand the issue here.


Bryce> If we import the linuxthreads sysdeps, we can inline these into
Bryce> our monitor lock/release code, making it much faster. We'll
Bryce> also automatically get the definitions for these primitives on
Bryce> every platform that linuxthreads supports. If we don't, we'd
Bryce> have to waste time reimplementing the primitives ourselves for
Bryce> each architecture (or else use standard pthreads functions as
Bryce> fallback). Since there is presumably only one way to implement
Bryce> a correct compare-and-exchange on each architecture, the
Bryce> implementations will no doubt be copied directly from
Bryce> linuxthreads. At what point does this become a licensing
Bryce> violation?

I honestly don't know.  We can definitely ask about it though.  Do you
want to do that?  If not, I'll do it.


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