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The other day I started working on ScrollPane.  I don't see how it can
fully be done given the current definition of ScrollPanePeer.

My reading of the ScrollPane docs is that the peer provides the
scrollbars.  The ScrollPane provides up a couple of Adjustables so
that the Java side can have some control over these scrollbars;
however, these aren't actual Scrollbar objects, and there's no
separate peer for them.

However, the ScrollPanePeer doesn't have a setPageIncrement method,
which it seems like it would need.

I think I'm going to add the appropriate method to ScrollPanePeer.
Bryce said we aren't maintaining compatibility between our peers and
the Sun peers, since the Sun peers are completely undocumented in the
more recent JDKs anyway.

I'm writing this note to see if people agree that this is what is
going on, and that this is the best course of action.

The status of AWT is that we've implemented a pretty big chunk of it,
but there is still a lot to do.  We haven't really touched Java2D,
drag-n-drop, or*.  There is at least one component left
to write (List), and one layout manager (GridBag).  Also, the Gtk
peers need to be written.  Writing the peers is probably the most
important piece, as that will let us test the existing code.  So far
writing AWT has been a volunteer effort.  If you want to work on it,
there's plenty to do...


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