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libgcj.spec install problem


I will try to give you the necessary information about what I did and what
I have.

From the directory

I downloaded the latest snapshot using:
	cvs -z 9 co -rgcc_latest_snapshot gcc

which resulted in the creation of

then I created an object directory

and from the object directory gave the command: 
	../gcc/configure --prefix=/export/home/sdurrant/usr/local/bin/

Then I built and installed the binaries using:
	make install

The command
	which gcj
yields, as expected,

Finally, the command
	gcj -g -O --main=Preped -o Preped Preped.class

	gcj: libgcj.spec: No such file or directory

In the repository source directory
there are three files
but apparently libgcj.spec is not being built, however, I'm not sure what
is supposed to happen.

Where should I find 'libgcj.spec'?  Are there more options that I need to
give to the configure script?

Scott Durrant
Human Genetics
University of Utah

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