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Patch for overzealous compiler warning.


Could someone apply this patch? It fixes a silly error
as described below. This warning message is causing
problems regression testing gcj.

thanks much
Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

2000-12-07  Mo DeJong  <>

        * jcf-io.c (find_class): Correct the logic
        that tests to see if a .java file is newer
        than its .class file. The compiler was
        incorrectly printing a warning when file 
        mod times were equal.

Index: jcf-io.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/egcs/gcc/java/jcf-io.c,v
retrieving revision 1.26
diff -u -r1.26 jcf-io.c
--- jcf-io.c    2000/11/07 22:50:06     1.26
+++ jcf-io.c    2000/12/08 08:30:20
@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@
      source file instead.
      There should be a flag to allow people have the class file picked
      up no matter what. FIXME. */
-  if (! java && ! class && java_buf.st_mtime >= class_buf.st_mtime)
+  if (! java && ! class && java_buf.st_mtime > class_buf.st_mtime)
       char *stripped_class_name = xstrdup (classname);
       int i = strlen (stripped_class_name);

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