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libgcj cross-compilation problems (2)

Hi Folks,

[As I said in the previous mail message, having successfull compiled
gcc/g++/gcj and libgcj, native, for Solaris 2.7, and having
successfully cross-compiled gcc/g++/gcj for arm-elf, I am now trying
to cross-compile libgcj for arm-elf.  I am using a patched gcc-2.95.2
and patched libgcj-2000-03-02.]

The build breaks down:

	make[3]: Entering directory `/export/home/cdornan/libgcj-2000-03-02-arm/arm-elf/libjava'
	javac="`cd ../../gcc && pwd`/gcj -B`cd ../../gcc && pwd`/ -C"; \
	$javac -g -L/export/home/cdornan/libgcj-2000-03-02-arm/arm-elf/libjava -classpath /export/home/cdornan/libgcj-2000-03-02-arm/arm-elf/libjava:`cd ../../../libgcj-2000-03-02/libjava && /bin/pwd` \
  -d /export/home/cdornan/libgcj-2000-03-02-arm/arm-elf/libjava java/lang/
	/bin/sh: ../../gcc: does not exist
	/bin/sh: ../../gcc: does not exist
	/bin/sh: /gcj: not found

It seems to be trying to access gcj directly in the build tree, but I
am building libgcj outside of the gcc build tree.  To get things
moving, I hand modified the make file so that it will run the
installed arm-elf-gcj and arm-elf-gcjh, but it breaks down:

	In file included from ../../../libgcj-2000-03-02/libjava/include/jvm.h:25,
                 from ../../../libgcj-2000-03-02/libjava/
	../../../libgcj-2000-03-02/libjava/gcj/field.h:15: java/lang/reflect/Field.h: No such file or directory
	../../../libgcj-2000-03-02/libjava/ java/lang/Runtime.h: No such file or directory

and reports that it cannot find a whole pile of other header files.  I
cannot find these header files anywhere in either the libgcj sources
or the gcc/g++/gcj sources.

Can anyone see what is happening?

Chris Dornan

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