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Re: gnu.* namespace discussion

>> In what way is anyone else using* which conflicts with
>> Classpath?  Maybe that's the real problem.  No central name space
>> controller has been forthcoming from the FSF.

>The central name space controller is supposed to be

I am in the middle of re-organising this page and this is a rather
long email explaining my intentions.

I'm going to re-org the current java-software page into "themes",

- Development
ie: classpath, gcj, kaffe, japhar, jmk, javadeps, etc...

- Languages
ie: Kawa (Scheme)

- Web
ie: GNUJSP, GNU-Paperclips, HTMLParser etc...

- Java Packages

The "Java Packages" section will be documentation of the current gnu.
name space. I would like to subdivide that as well, or perhaps
interleave the packages into the  various "themes" but that will
create a problem because many packages have multiple uses.

The current Java page will become a list of ongoing Java projects but
will continue to include the existing political statements. It will be
linked to from the new java-software page.

Hopefully this small re-organsation will make things a little

My ultimate goal is to re-org the GNU software list, to include the
Java applications (ie: gcj, kaffe, etc...) in the software list itself
and to have a seperate page purely for documenting GNU Java packages.

Then to add a web front end to subversions and provide some editorial
system for GNU to accept contributions to the project.

I've been thinking that a general GNU Java discussion list might be
usefull... but that is a job for later.

If anybody has any thoughts or opionions on this please let me know.
I'm anxious to keep everybody on side.

Nic Ferrier

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