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Re: CNI namespace

Thanks for the explanation, I understand better now what you
plan to do.

There is still one situation where I'm not sure I understand how
it will work: what will append if you keep an object "outside
the VM" for longer than a function call, for instance, i'v used
the following mechanism some time ago:

class Packet {
   Packet(int query);
   void setResponse(int i);
   int getResponse();
   int getQuery();
class NativeQueue {
    native void send(Packet p);
    native Packet receive();
class ReceiveThread(NativeQueue q) {
   public void run() {
      for(;;) {
         Packet p = q.receive();
         switch(p.getQuery()) {
public stratic void main()
   NativeQueue q = new NativeQueue();
   (new NativeThread(q)).start();
   Packet p = new Packet(36);

What will appends with the Packet class when it's
"outside" the VM? how will a native thread call it's
setResponse() method? will there be more than
one wrapper around Packet?


Paul Fisher wrote:

> Cedric Berger <> writes:
> > You cannot store JNIEnv in an object, because this pointer is
> > different for each thread. So if two threads access the same object,
> > CRASH.
> The object, or rather more of a proxy object, is created when the
> foreign VM calls a JNI function.  The proxy object exists until the
> JNI function returns, which is always in the context of a single
> thread.  So each JNI invocation creates a new proxy object for `this',
> along with any other proxy objects that become necessary as execution
> continues.
> > When I deal with native functions and JNI, I define a function that
> > looks like:
> That could be used as an alternative to storing each JNIEnv as thread
> local data, but we need something that will work with 1.1 VMs.
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