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2001-03-30 libgcj/2441: RegisterNatives fails without interpreter tromey
2001-03-30 libgcj/2431: static initializers torsten.rueger
2001-03-29 libgcj/2429: java.text.MessageFormat broken torsten.rueger
2001-03-29 libgcj/2428: Classloader is not set torsten.rueger
2001-03-29 java/2424: gjc thinks a final variable is reassigned when it is not sdlee
2001-03-29 java/2423: false reporting of "Final variable initialization error" in constructor sdlee
2001-03-28 java/2412: jv-scan reports parse error Mika.Riekkinen
2001-03-27 java/2400: Linked list don't compile torsten.rueger
2001-03-25 libgcj/2388: Problems on cygwin. Case insensitive file system? David.Billinghurst
2001-03-25 java/2382: libjava's testsuite returns error case aj
2001-03-24 java/2375: static inner class doesn't find inherited methods joerg_brunsmann
2001-03-23 java/2370: Behavior of main compilation without --main is unfriendly Hans_Boehm
2001-03-23 java/2369: --main should check the following symbol Hans_Boehm
2001-03-23 java/2361: Cannot acces protected field of superclass in a different package mark
2001-03-23 java/2360: Internal compiler error make_class_data (constant stress test?) scgmille
2001-03-23 java/2358: Inner class extending another in package: Can't find method vegardh
2001-03-23 libgcj/2357: HashMap does not handle initialCapacity=0 correctly mark
2001-03-22 libgcj/2355: !#@$!@#^%#$^%&$%&@#$% unhappy
2001-03-21 libgcj/2338: RandomAccessFile does not create the file if not found pedro
2001-03-20 java/2333: ICE in mark_reference_fields jsturm
2001-03-20 java/2332: valid declaration rejected tromey
2001-03-19 java/2319: invalid UTF-8 sequences should be rejected tromey
2001-03-18 java/2313: Java SimpleDateFormat crash with non US locales (french...) diam
2001-03-17 java/2312: Check for initialization of all final fields erronously fails bryce
2001-03-16 java/2299: Problem with String Arrays and += Martin Kahlert
2001-03-13 java/2280: gcj -C does not translate Java 'finally' correctly praun
2001-03-13 java/2279: Verify bytecode after creating it tromey
2001-03-11 libgcj/2266: libgcj does not make CNI header files for inner classes bryce
2001-03-08 libgcj/2237: serialization doesn't throw exception on failure tromey
2001-03-08 java/2224: error while bootstrapping from cvs Ingo Krabbe
2001-03-07 java/2216: gcj generates bad bytecode tromey
2001-03-07 libgcj/2206: Bootrsap fails. sefer
2001-03-06 java/2194: error: redefinition of symbol ".LLBB0" ask
2001-03-02 java/2155: Overzealous detection of uninitialized final variables bryce
2001-03-02 java/2149: storage size of `_ZTVN4java4lang5ClassE' isn't known ask
2001-02-26 java/2095: redefinition of symbol ".LLBB0" in assembler output ask
2001-02-23 java/2068: java --> c++ ask
2001-02-23 java/2066: Source parser segfault in resolve_package bryce
2001-02-22 java/2060: Bug accessing variable in superclass from inner class of subclass. (value is munged) mjr
2001-02-20 java/2040: java.util.Hashtable(int,float) is stricter than sun's version pedro
2001-02-19 java/2026: libjava/gnu/gcj/xlib/ vector: No such file or directory ask
2001-02-18 libgcj/2024: libgcj can abort on bogus arguments to Class.forName() bryce
2001-02-16 java/2008: ICE in gcj (no optimization) Martin Kahlert
2001-02-14 java/1992: ICE compiling Tomcat dyp
2001-02-14 java/1991: Tree check: expected class 'e', have 'x' (identifier_node) when compiling Tomcat dyp
2001-02-13 libgcj/1971: ObjectOutputStream generates incorrect serialVersionUID's for array classes bryce
2001-02-13 java/1970: Can't instantiate local class in static method bryce
2001-02-12 java/1958: Incorrect error message attempting to access non-final local from local class bryce
2001-02-11 java/1932: Yet another problem resolving qualified method call with inner classes bryce
2001-02-09 java/1922: error in java/mangle_name.o undefined ask
2001-02-08 libgcj/1913: reading closed streams throws NullPointerException, not IOException paul
2001-02-08 java/1912: Segfault when handling segfault = infinite recursion paul
2001-02-07 libgcj/1907: symbol demangling by Throwable.printStackTrace Per Bothner
2001-02-07 libgcj/1906: difference between gcj and jdk for MessageFormat paul
2001-02-07 Re: gcj/386: attempt to access fields in java.lang.Object segfault the compiler Tom Tromey
2001-02-07 gcj/386: attempt to access fields in java.lang.Object segfault the compiler paul
2001-02-06 java/1895: Libjava: Arrays.sort doesn't work harinath
2001-02-06 Re: gcj/385: segfault when compiling class file Alexandre Petit-Bianco
2001-02-06 gcj/385: segfault when compiling class file paul
2001-02-05 java/1880: Link failure compiling bytecode from javac jeff.sturm
2001-02-04 java/1873: Can't see nested type declared in superclass of enclosing context bryce
2001-02-03 java/1866: Array initializer: undefined reference to `LJv0.0' bryce
2001-02-02 java/1840: unknown encoding: `ISO8859-1' schmitt
2001-02-02 java/1839: Assembler errors with -fjni jeff.sturm
2001-02-01 java/1828: error if function arg list erronously followed by a semi-colon paul
2001-01-30 java/1812: zextract.c cleanup tromey
2001-01-28 This is a test gnatsid
2001-01-24 java/1763: bad error report for failed `import' tromey
2001-01-24 libgcj/1759: lacks several jdk 1.2 methods ptf
2001-01-24 libgcj/1758: java.util package lacks TreeMap ptf
2001-01-23 java/1745: compiler segfault on bogus code. ptf
2001-01-22 libgcj/1736: [irix 6.5] Cannot create libgcj - Arg list too long David.Billinghurst
2001-01-21 libgcj/1718: ArithmeticException regressions bryce
2001-01-17 java/1684: java.util.treeset and java.util.treemap are missing p.thio
2001-01-17 java/1682: internal error during compilation of public final static String members p.thio
2001-01-17 java/1681: Internal error during compilation of assigment expression p.thio
2001-01-17 java/1677: Method.invoke() fails for arguments of type boolean p.thio
2001-01-12 libgcj/1640: gcj runtime problem: undefined symbol __dso_handle (PR 1178 again, with most recent gcc) wagman
2001-01-12 java/1629: gcj link problem with a simple program Patrik Hagglund
2001-01-11 libgcj/1615: java.math.BigInteger.modPow produces bogus results w/ certain input data mjr
2001-01-09 libgcj/1596: setScale() missing from java.math.BigDecimal jeff.sturm
2001-01-08 java/1586: linux build problem for libjava - cpplib (?) Patrik Hagglund
2001-01-05 libgcj/1572: make boot fails building libgcj due to missing include dir Per Bothner
2001-01-05 java/1564: build problems patha
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