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Re: Re:

01-19-06 Inv News

Re: 4.0 patch: Implement gij -Xss option

[4.0] Patch: FYI: @deprecated fixes

[4.0] Patch: FYI: fix PR 26351

[4.0] Patch: FYI: fix PR java/26204

[4.1] Patch: FYI: another regex patch

[4.1] Patch: FYI: big regex merge

[4.1] Patch: FYI: fix another http protocol buglet

[4.1] Patch: FYI: fix PR 25713

[4.1] Patch: FYI: xml fixlet

[4.1] remove empty directories?

Re: [cp-patches] Patch: remove bogus ServerSocket security check

[gcjx] FYI: Complete comment about TREE_USED in tree_generator::make_block()

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix -g option

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix this$0 access

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: initial LLVM code

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: LLVM build infrastructure

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: use canonical NaN values

[gcjx] Patch: Set TREE_STATIC for static fields

[ PATCH: libgcj/25840: [4.2 Regression] libjava is broken on Linux/x86-64]

[JAVA] Avoid use of CHAR_TYPE tree codes.

[libjava] Use fastjar from the build tree

[patch committed] SH: Use fs->signal_frame in *_fallback_frame_state

[patch] [4.0] string-to-double conversion can throw NullPointerException

[Patch] Add option to reduce amount of reflection data to gcj...

[patch] boehm-gc darwin-stop-world

[patch] fix boehm-gc 6.6 merge fallout on darwin ppc

[PATCH] Fix classmap.db location for multilib

[PATCH] Fix libjava/shlibpath.m4

[PATCH] Fix powerpc libffi

[PATCH] Fix powerpc libffi (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR classpath/24086, PR classpath/24091, PR classpath/24104 et al. ...

[Patch] FYI: Fixup documentation in java-tree.h

[patch] hpux boehm-gc adjustments, trunk

[patch] libffi support for HP-UX PA 32-bit

[patch] libffi testsuite enhancement

[patch] libffi: enable libffi for sparc64-*-freebsd*

[patch] libltdl fallout


[Patch] Testcase for PR26858

[patch] typo committed

[RE] January 19, 2006 S.H. Information

[RFA] _Jv_CompileMethod

[RFA] _Jv_InterpMethod line tables

[RFA] Finding interpreter methods

[RFC/RFT] Remove CHAR_TYPE tree code.

[RFC] jar shell script (was Re: Patch: Remove fastjar)

[RFC] Number of insn slots used for method compilation

[RFT] libffi testsuite cleanup warnings

Allow array method invocations to be resolved in Object

Fw: ATTENTION - Money Magnet Stock?

Calls to built-in functions are not Binary Compatible

Re: Documenting what changed since 4.0 (gcj core libraries)

Don't emit unreachable dispatch tables

fastjar -i option

FIX BC bug in invokespecial

Fix debugging info in .class file compilation

FYI... [Fwd: Patch: fix Content-Encoding for compressed HTTP responses]

FYI: add (void *) cast

FYI: import new libltdl

FYI: libffi usage & ARM build fix

FYI: indentation

FYI: Linker & Verifier fixes

RE: FYI: Linker & Verifier fixes (really GC mark procedures)

FYI: Resolve old svn merge conflict in classpath/ChangeLog

GCJ on Darwin/i386 patches

Generate TYPE_STUB_DECLs for Java array types

grmic fixes

Ich liebe Dich !!!

java broken on powerpc64

modify gcj for encrypt class-Files

News Update

Paperwork (Was: RFC: lazy linker + verifier)

Re: Patch for i386-darwin: test suite results

Patch: add support for -i in fastjar

Patch: Boehm GC 6.6 merge

Patch: clean up select() call with 0 selectable descriptors

Patch: Fix "string constant to char * conversion" warnings

Patch: Fix boehm-gc gcconfig.h

Re: Patch: Fix painting of lightweight AWT children, not entirely within xlib peers - OK for trunk?

Patch: Fix painting of lightweight AWT children, not entirely within xlib peers - OK for trunk?

Patch: Fix stacktrace line numbers for mipsel-linux.

Patch: FYI: bug fix in handling of chunked streams

Patch: FYI: Character fix

Patch: FYI: copyright update

Patch: FYI: copyright update for fastjar

Patch: FYI: document static field marking

Patch: FYI: Fix painting of lightweight AWT children

Patch: FYI: Fix PR 20198

Patch: FYI: fix PR 24183

Patch: FYI: fix PR 24461

Patch: FYI: fix PR 26097

Patch: FYI: fix PR 26103

Patch: FYI: fix PR 26706

Patch: FYI: fix PR 26901 (temporarily)

Patch: FYI: Fix PR java/22578

Patch: FYI: fix PR java/24321

Patch: FYI: fix PR java/26390

Patch: FYI: fix Security provider class loader

Patch: FYI: fix shutdown hook bug

Patch: FYI: fix testing for -lrt

Patch: FYI: fix two GCJ_PROPERTIES bugs

Patch: FYI: GC fixlet for cross compilation

Patch: FYI: ignore empty statements when scanning <clinit>

Patch: FYI: ignore unknown children when reaping

Patch: FYI: include relaxNg code

Patch: FYI: JNI fixlet

Patch: FYI: libltdl and maintainer mode

Patch: FYI: merge new libltdl

Patch: FYI: merge nio fixes

Patch: FYI: more merges in java.lang

Patch: FYI: PR 21637 fixlet

Patch: FYI: PR 23499

Patch: FYI: PR 25713

Patch: FYI: PR 26688

Patch: FYI: PR java/25676

Patch: FYI: PR java/26042

Re: Patch: FYI: PRs 9715, 19132

Patch: FYI: qualifying type in bytecode output

Patch: FYI: re-merge String and Character

Patch: FYI: remove duplicate

Patch: FYI: Remove extern "C" around include <ffi.h> in java-interp.h

Patch: FYI: remove old regexp messages

Patch: FYI: set Package for system classes

Patch: FYI: speed up split-for-gcj

Patch: FYI: speed up String.equals

Patch: FYI: System.nanoTime

Patch: FYI: two http protocol fixes

Patch: FYI: updates to gcj documentation

Patch: Gcj: add -static-libgcj option for linking.

Patch: Include ffi.h in

Patch: Interface Dispatch optimization, version 2

Patch: Interface dispatch table optimization

Patch: libgcj/25187 - Fix type-punned pointer deferences and other warnings

Patch: indentation fixes

Patch: Linker + Verifier fixes

Patch: PR libgcj/26522 (includes change in config/)

Patch: Remove fastjar

Patch: RFC: class-related structures and conservative scanning

Patch: RFC: ugly workaround for PR 26390

Patch: RFC: X509 parsing fix

Patch: update gcj web pages (Was: Addition to the 'Done with GCJ' list)

Patch: use amd64 for os.arch on x86-64 systems

Patch: work around PR 13212

Re: Ping: wwwdocs patch.

Re: PR java/25535: gcj broken on 64-bit big-endian systems

PR java/26858: NullPointerException not generated for large classes...

Restore gnu.gcj.runtime.NameFinder.remove_unknown

RFA: Unicode 4 and Java 1.5 Character support

RFC: lazy linker + verifier

RFC: libffi usage in & late String creation

RFC: PR libgcj/26487

Some 4.1 branch patches (from 0.20)

Two more 4.1 branch patches (from 0.21-pre)

Update rule post-Big Merge

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