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Re: Patch: Remove fastjar

Tom Tromey wrote:

> fastjar doesn't have a home yet.  It was rejected from savannah
> because fastjar.texi is GPL and not GFDL.  

Thanks for trying.  I didn't realize savannah had that requirement.

> I didn't include the generated diffs or the diff which actually
> removes the fastjar directory.
> Built on x86 FC4.  Ok for trunk?


I've read through the remainder of the thread, and see that various
people have various suggestions/criticisms.  However, removing fastjar
isn't up for debate; the decision has been made, and we have to live
with it.

It is fine, however, if you want to leave in the support for building
with fastjar in-tree; there's no FSF problem with having that support in
place.  Everyone agrees that fastjar is free software, so it's just the
actual inclusion in GCC that's an issue.

Thank you for following through on this chore; I recognize it doesn't
feel as satisfying, as, say, fixing a bug. :-)


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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