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Re: Patch: Remove fastjar

> This removes fastjar from the tree, as requested by the GCC SC.
> In order to build libjava, you will now need an external 'jar'
> executable; libjava/configure will search for 'jar' and 'fastjar'.
> fastjar doesn't have a home yet.  It was rejected from savannah
> because fastjar.texi is GPL and not GFDL.  Most likely I will import
> fastjar into the rhug repository on (and then fix it up
> to actually build).  In any case I don't think this issue should
> affect whether or not this patch is committed.
> I didn't include the generated diffs or the diff which actually
> removes the fastjar directory.
> Built on x86 FC4.  Ok for trunk?

Is there a reason why you are removing support from building
fastjar inside the tree?

There is support for building bash in there already and it would
be nice if you kept support for building fastjar also.  Maybe even
later on using svn:externs so that fastjar could be still "part" of
GCC sources.  It is a bit strange to remove a requirement to build
part of GCC without documenting this new requirement.  

Also wasn't there talk about pulling GMP into the tree so that gfortran
and GCC could use it without an additional requirement?  If so isn't
that the same situtation as fastjar?

Andrew Pinski

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